News: Poker derby another success

posted: February 25, 2019

Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent poker derby. We estimate about 200 sledders took part and visited our checkpoints and trails. It was a great day to ride!

Here are the winning hands:

1st prize: Five of a kind (3s)

2nd prize: Four of a kind (As)

3rd prize: Four of a kind (Qs)

4th prize: Four of a kind (6s)

5th prize: Full house

The winner received a grand prize of $800. The 50/50 winner took home $539

“This event is another way to generate revenues to our club,” said President Brad Wall. “It’s a popular event for everyone from the hardcore sledder to families. And thanks to our volunteers who gave up their time to man the checkpoints and organize the entire event. Without volunteers, there’s no club.”