News: Poker Derby a huge success!

posted: February 20, 2018

After a one-year absence due to an uncooperative Mother Nature, this year’s poker derby was a roaring success. Perfect temperature. Perfect trails. And a big turnout of snowmobiling poker players.

When the snow dust settled, Darcy Forsythe of Stony Mountain came out the grand winner, turning in a hand of four of a kind (8’s). Grand prize was $925. The 50/50 winner was Pete Domineck, who pocketed $421.

“A huge thank you the volunteers who manned the check points,” LRSR President Brad Wall said. “A huge thanks to our great team of groomer operators who made sure the trails were in pristine condition. It was a perfect day for our derby. Thanks to the people who participated and supported the club.”

The 2017 derby was cancelled when an unseasonable thaw made the trails unrideable/unsafe.

Winners are as follows:

1st prize: Darcy Forsythe

2nd prize: Diane Mymko

3rd prize: Robin Karlowsky

4th prize: Kyle Skayman

5th prize: Aaron Skrabek

50/50 Winner: Pete Domineck