News: No off-season for volunteers

posted: March 25, 2018

Do you ever wonder what happens when the trails are closed? Volunteers jump into action and get busy. Recently, a group headed up to Anson Hut to do some repairs to the roof. Due to the amount of equipment required, this work could not take place until the trails were closed to sled traffic. As you can see, quads and trailers were used to haul up the equipment. Building Director Tim Manzuk led the project, with help from Theo, Randy and Lyle. To see more pictures of their adventure click here.

In addition to upgrading the roof, the group split wood at the hut, in addition to putting permanent markings on hazards (rocks) on the Anson Trail.

Every wonder what happens when the trails are closed? A lot of hard work to ensure you have a safe ride next winter.