News: Hotdog day a howling success!

posted: March 3, 2020

Our recent hotdog day was an unbelievable success. Directors on site estimate nearly 300 people visited Rudi’s Hut to enjoy a free hotdog and camaraderie with fellow snowmobilers. Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a huge success, including the following people for their generous donations: Brian Cameron (Campbell Foods) for donating 240 hot dog buns; Darren Kalinski for donating 200 hot dogs and 100 smokies; and Ken Hilderbrand for donating $250 towards the event. Thank you for supporting Lee River Snow Riders!

Pictures of hotdog fun can be seen here.

The next event on the Lee River Snow Rivers’ calendar is our annual Farewell to Winter dinner and dance in May. Please watch for details on how to obtain tickets/tables.

And remember: please support our club.